Who we are

SMATH brings together a multidisciplinary partnership comprised of public authorities, universities, marketing agencies, regional development centers, cultural institutes, clusters of culture and innovation centers within the MED area.

Veneto Region – Lead Partner

The Veneto Region has recognized the creative cultural enterprises an important sector for economic growth and regional development. In particular, with POR ERDF 2014-2020 has planned specific actions to promote the creation and consolidation of this type of SMEs, primarily bearers of innovation, factors for local development and drivers of change.

The Direction involved in the project coordinates the cultural system in the Veneto Region, through the networking of cultural resources, landscape and economic resources to make productive and promote regional initiatives at the national and international level.; promotes cultural projects; promotes enhances and coordinates the areas of cinema, theater, music, dance and cultural activities.

The Culture and Heritage Industries Cluster - Pole ICP

The Pole brings together companies, organizations, foundations, R&D laboratories, training and resources centers involved in restoring/preserving and promoting built and cultural heritage, natural heritage and developing and promoting culture. It contributes to the activities and structure of cultural and heritage sectors by the networking of actors, the creation and monitoring of economic development activities centered on five levers, which are: Innovation, ICT, International Social and Environmental Responsibility and Job Training. Moreover, it provides support to innovative projects and collaborative R & D.

Technopolis City of Athens

Technopolis City of Athens is a unique cultural complex in the city centre, accessible to everyone, hosting more than 1,000,000 visitors per year. It promotes arts, innovation, life-long learning and public awareness. Live music shows, exhibitions, performances, screenings, workshops and educational programmes are just some of the 900 events that take place every day at Technopolis. The Industrial Gas Museum was inaugurated in 2013, aiming at promoting a unique monument of industrial heritage, Athen’s old gasworks plant. INNOVATHENS, the Hub of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, a highly equipped, vibrant, open space, was launched in 2014.


Technopolis, through the Hub of INNOVATHENS, seeks to attract innovative ideas and new groups or entrepreneurs, to provide open innovation services to the start-up community, encourage joint projects promoting the diversification economic activity & network with ecosystems & funding opportunities in and out of Greece. It is the centre for tech-transfer, where young entrepreneurs & creative people can effectively mingle with experienced businessmen, academics and researchers, for the entrepreneurial ecosystem to flourish and develop. It has implemented more than 120 training workshops in the broad themes of innovation & entrepreneurship, over 130 networking events & 54 entrepreneurial schemes through its business acceleration programme.

Friuli Venezia Giulia Autonomous Region

Friuli Venezia Giulia Autonomous Region is one of the 20 Italian regions located in the North East of Italy at border with Slovenia and Austria. The Regional Department for Culture and Sports, SMATH partner, is responsible for the protection and enhancement of the regional cultural heritage as well as the promotion of cultural activities. Its participation in SMATH project aims at boosting the growth of regional Creative and Cultural Industries, trough out the improvement of the quality and quantity of connections between the publicly oriented domain of culture and the business oriented domain of creativity.

Institute of Culture of the Municipality of Barcelona

The City Council of Barcelona established, in 1996 the Culture Institute of Barcelona known as ICUB, as the self-contained organism dedicated to carry out the municipal politics in culture. More than 450 professionals work to lead the cultural project of the city. ICU aims to promote lines of support for the creation of cultural enterprises and entrepreneurs and drive new innovation and creative entrepreneurship in the city. Since 2012, one of main project from the Directorate of Creativity and innovation, BarcelonaLab, has been recognized as a Living Lab. The main goal of BarcelonaLab is to create an open-innovation ecosystem for co-creation combining traditional arts, science and technology with impact in the whole city.

Zagreb Innovation Centre

Zagreb Innovation Centre is a public business support organization, founded by the City of Zagreb to stimulate and facilitate innovations, entrepreneurial growth, and job creation. As a business support organization and sectoral agency, ZICER operates through three departments. The Entrepreneurial Center, the Development Projects Center and the Technology Park.

With more than 20 years of experience, ZICER concentrates a wide range of innovative companies and collaborates with research organizations, universities, public authorities, business clusters; chambers of commerce, Cluster of CC industries and other relevant actors of the innovation ecosystem with a goal to support innovations and SMEs development.

ZICER is providing business incubator services to innovative hi-tech & IT SME, specialized training and technical assistance and advisory services to SMEs in each stage of their development and is implementing regional financing schemes to support SMEs and innovation growth.

Agency For Territorial Marketing Ltd.

The Agency For Territorial Marketing has a long term experience in development of clusters & business networks as well as with offering support to cluster members, providing them know-how transfer, B2B networking and internationalisation services.

The agency is involved in elaboration of sustainable development plans, development of tourism itineraries and business plans for SMEs. In past 5 years it was an active partner to regional development agency in activities supporting growth of start-ups and future entrepreneurs. The know-how is transferred to partnering institutions - regional development agencies, technology park and chambers which are one of the core partners of the agency.

By the implementation of SMATH project the agency wants to improve the support to SMEs and clusters in the sector of creative industries and culture in order to strengthen their marketing approach.

Barcelona Activa

Barcelona Activa is the Local Economic Development Agency of the Barcelona City Council. Its mission is to boost the economic policy and local development to promote an improvement in the quality of life of the citizens of Barcelona through the promotion of employment, promoting entrepreneurship and business support, responding to different needs of the citizens in their neighbourhoods and from the perspective of the plural economy, which includes cooperative, social and solidarity economies.

Barcelona Activa does this by promoting the empowerment of citizens, the balance between wealthy and deprived neighbourhoods to achieve a fair model of economic development and of fairly distributed and stable job creation. It fosters the economic transformation of Barcelona through the following strategic areas: i) Professional Skills & Employment, ii) Entrepreneurship, iii) Innovation & Training, iv) Social and Solidarity Economy.

Ca’ Foscari University of Venice

Ca’ Foscari University of Venice is a public University with a national and international outstanding reputation for academic excellence in both teaching and research. Since its establishment in 1868, as the first Italian University devoted to commerce and economics, it has been growing and developing new relevant research fields. Currently, research activities are structured along four major areas, namely: economics and management, humanities, foreign languages and literatures, and mathematical, physical and natural sciences.

TVT Innovation

TVT Innovation is the Business Innovation Center of TVT (Toulon Var Technologies) a non-profit organization, created in 1988 by public and private stakeholders, dedicated to support innovative ecosystems in the Var area and the Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur (PACA) region.

TVT Innovation located in Toulon, helps innovative entrepreneurship and supports the regional ecosystem with dedicated programs and support actions to key economic sectors. TVT Innovation is an active member of regional and international innovation networks such as the PACA Regional Network for Innovation, the French Innovation Network RETIS, the European EBN Network and IASP.  We strongly support digital and CCI (Cultural and Creative Industries) activities as we manage a digital cluster called 43.117 and joined in July 2016 the National French Tech Thematic Network on #EdTech and #Entertainement.